Sound Systems is a youth-led music project where the participants work together to design build and operate their own transportable 12-volt soundsystem. Our tutors facilitate masterclasses in; DJing, MCing, Songwriting, Live Performance, Music Production & the creation of Music Videos. We provide a safe, relaxed and inspiring environment for young people to make friends and grow in confidence while they learn. Participants are encouraged to work as a team, follow their own tastes and what inspires them personally, whether they are a music maker, a performer or prefer building and pulling the strings behind the scenes. Whatever the interest, a role is found for everyone that takes part in The Soundsystem Project.














Formed in 2017 The Soundsystem Project has created numerous successful projects around Scotland ; Renfrewshire, Largs, Easter House and Dumfries. We have proved without a doubt the multi disciplined world of Sound Systems can be a very effective focus for a youth music workshop. Using our methods we are able to engage with everyone, including the young people least likely to take part in music, cultural activities and teamwork.


Just check out the results !

Soundsystems Largs May 2019-1
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-4
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-3
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-12
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-7
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-78
Soundsystems Largs May 2019-87