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Anders Rigg

Anders is a multidisciplinary artist, he uses a combination Ableton live and live percussion to create music for dance and movement.  His enthusiasm and diverse experience of production, percussion and performance lends itself to working with any group of people, young or old.

Performing in both live music groups and outdoor theatre productions Anders tours across the UK extensively. His primary live musical focus, Samson Sounds, is a fusion of different cultures and grooves from across the world.

Within the sessions Anders heads up the creation of beats using Ableton live and live instrumentation. He draws on the world around us through objects and sounds to create a space where the musical mind can develop freely.

Tom Spirals

Tom is multitalented musician that focuses his energies into the voice. Whether it’s singing or MCing live and in the studio or just talking a load of nonsense he never fails to keep the room entertained and the energy positive.

Tom is very active across the international soundsystem scene and performs regularly in both concerts and clubs. He has featured with artists such as Scotland’s Mungo’s Hi Fi and France’s Manudigital inna reggae style and fashion and continues to push the boundaries of the culture.

Within the sessions Tom leads, aids and encourages the writing of songs that are personal and important to the participants. Dealing with the social scenarios they are in or just writing about what they enjoy, it’s never a dull moment with Tom!

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Douglas Paine


Doug Paine has worked as a professional musician for over 20 years, founding musical collective Mungo’s Hi Fi in 2000 and Scotch Bonnet Records in 2005. The journey has involved him in most aspects of the industry, including regular global touring, festival stage management, promoting, radio presenting, business and brand management. He has always been passionate about developing people within the musical ecosystem, working with Glasgow University mentoring post graduate students on their Popular Music Studies course for 11 years as well as those working with him on various projects. His passion for helping the next generation discover the magic of soundsystems led him to become a director of the project since 2015.

Bron Nixon

Bron’s passion for music and events have made waves all over the UK. From setting up her own production company “Stomping Ground” to regularly performing with her own soundsystem “527” Bron is always able to create events where everyone feels welcome. Bron specializes in event organising and MC workshops with the young people and her ability to engage and provide support for the group means her sessions are always ones to look forward to!

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