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Oban was the first 'In Person '  Soundsystem Project since the pandemic satarted in 2020. The Young folk at Oban High School took part in a week long intensive project and built a brand new soundsystem for there community as well as writing and recording 2 amazing new songs and creating their own DJMixtape. 

Check them out here ! 

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During the COVID 19 pandemic, The Soundsystem Project moved online ! Throughout 2020/ 2021 We gave young people the chance to keep meeting up , writing music , making videos, building there own portable bluetooth soundsystems and even raising money for the NHS by releasing their music! Check out one of their awesome ZOOM music videos here!

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The Soundsystem Project went international in early 2020 ! When 2 of our tutors got the chance to go on tour in Australia and NZ with their muscial projects they saw a chance to try and take the project with them . The project in Raglan , NZ was one of the most succesful to date and really brought together a whole community . You can watch a documentry on it here - and check out the awesome music video made by the young people here 

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The project in Dumfries takes part in Lincluden, one of the towns most deprived areas and has been one of our most inspiring projects! Now in its second year the Sound System has been built and the young crew have used it to perform original music at  a local festival called Youth Beatz twice! On top of that they’ve even set it up and performed to a large crowd in the town centre and hosted their own events at the youth centre in Luncluden! Check out the amazing job they made of their second music video!


Another great week for the soundsystem p

The Project in Largs, working in partnership with the Kelburn Estate is in its first year and has been a great success . Over the course, the participants have successfully built their own 12v Sound System, recorded a 3 track E.P , made a music video, hosted their own launch party at the youth centre and performed at the local music festival Kelburn Garden Party. Throughout the process the young people have designed their own branding and named themselves the ‘WAV3Z’ crew in keeping with their coastal hometown. They even have there own crew T Shirts made up !



Easterhouse was the first official Soundsystem Project and is now in its 3rd year. In partnership with Platform we have worked with young people who weren’t fitting in at school but too young to go into college. There have been many success stroires from our work at Easterhouse, from performing at Kelburn festival, to hosting our own busy event at platform and then seeing Dharma, one of the young MCs on the course playing her first show in Glasgow city centre. Without a doubt this project has made a big difference to some very special people.


Renfrewshire year one was spent in the local community centre every week building the soundsystem, writing songs, recording music and making music and a video with crew. After it was completed the Soundsystem was named Shne Wah Sound and the team are excited for the next round!